Faculty Research and Publications

Wharton’s 235-plus professors are one of the largest, most published faculties at any business school. Our standing and affiliated faculty members work within and collaborate across 10 academic departments

Research with Real-World Reach

Wharton’s research centers and initiatives苹果美国成人app下载 are only the beginning. Our faculty publishes regularly and is frequently cited by the press. Wharton’s deep knowledge is disseminated worldwide through:

  • 20 Research Centers and Initiatives
  • More than 1.8 million subscribers of 
  • Listeners of 
  • Books published by
  • (WRDS), enables research for 450+ business schools in 30+ countries.
  • Books, journals, periodicals, and papers highlighted in Faculty Profiles
  • An array of educational resources , , and in through Wharton’s

Faculty Publications

Explore the depth and breadth of our faculty’s most recent publications and ongoing research on their individual Faculty Profiles or within the Academic Departments below. You can find additional research via the Research Centers and Initiatives.


Business Economics and Public Policy:


苹果美国成人app下载Health Care Management:

苹果美国成人app下载Legal Studies and Business Ethics:



Operations, Information and Decisions:

苹果美国成人app下载Real Estate: